Glass Shower Door Install Process – Melrose Painting

Install a glass shower doors. Perhaps it’s time to install the glass shower door to be replaced with the drab bathroom floors caused by wet curtains. You do not need to contract a professional when you’ve got the experience, tools, and skills to put up your shower door.

The first step of installing the glass shower door is to replace your curtain rod using a steel frame. The frame made of metal should placed around the space covers your curtains for your shower. Make sure that the edges of the metal frame are clean enough to allow to install glass shower doors. The installation of the frame made of metal on the walls is going to require you to make holes in your tiles for the walls.

Make sure you tape your drill points prior to drilling any holes. This should reduce your drill bit’s vibrating vibrations to the tile. In order to avoid drilling with an electrical current, make sure you switch off your electric power. Once you are done drilling, place wall anchors into the holes , and then attach the steel railing to the bathtub’s edge by sealing it with. The top rail can be connected to doors.