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Or if you’re an experienced dentist who wants for a way to sell your practice, ADA Practice Transitions is here to help. ADA Practice Transitions works to discover compatible partnerships and ensure that dentist practice transitions run smoothly. The tale of two individuals who used ADA Practice Transitions in their quest for the perfect chance is told in this video.

Dr. Gagnon is an experienced dentist who assumed the office of her father However, she became overwhelmed by the amount of work. Dr. Gagnon needed immediate help, but she didn’t wish to choose a single dentist. He had to meet her philosophy.

Dr. Sikora is a newly graduated dentist that wanted to work as a professional and pursue her career. Instead of seeking a residency or a fellowship, Dr. Sikora chose to jump right into her career. She knew that she would need guidance to develop. She wasn’t looking forward to being in a crowd.

Luckily that the ADA paired with Dr. Gagnon and Dr. Sikora. Dr. Sikora discovered Dr. Gagnon’s practice precisely the kind of practice she wanted. Dr. Sikora is also in line with Dr. Gagnon’s thinking perfectly. They were joined by ADA Practice Transitions, and are very happy with their support. Both received the help they required and they are now in a position to offer exceptional medical care to their patients.

For more information you can watch this video below.