How Do Professional Plumbers Find Slab Leaks? – Work Flow Management

If you suspect a slab leak, it’s likely. If you notice an unusually high amount of water bills or have a place that’s hotter than average, this could be indicative of a slab issue. Learn more about how skilled plumbers identify and repair slab leaks.

They begin by putting together a piece of equipment that connects to the waterline. The box is able to transmit current to the lines, which they locate using another device. This will let them know where the lines run and how deep they are.

If they are running the machine across the floor, they are watching for the sound of beeps. When equipment sounds beeps it means that the water line is below it.

After the line has been discovered, plumbers use further equipment to detect the leak to determine where it’s actually damaged. In determining the frequency and volume of leaks, a expert plumber will be able to determine which leak it is and reduce damage by having the leak addressed quickly.

To know more about how professionals find slab leaks Watch the video to the right!