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life, when a dental problem is left untreated, the remedy is frequently more difficult than it would have been had it been detected earlier. A small area of decay might now pose a big problem. The treatment options available are numerous.

Early decay is typically treatable with filling. If the decay affects a significant part of the tooth the need for a root canal, and possibly tooth-colored crowns may be necessary. If decay is left untreated over a prolonged duration the tooth may experience discomfort and need a tooth extraction to be then followed by the installation of an implant for dental or a bridge. While preventive procedures may appear unnecessary if there is no obvious problem, it’s possible the issue is concealed beneath the surface. These problems can be fixed quickly before they turn into serious issues and require urgent treatment.

Have Your Eyes Examined

More men than women to sustain eye injuries According to researchers from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). The research shows that eye injuries are nearly three times more common in men than in females.

The men of the world are more susceptible of eye injuries due to various reasons. Men often conduct more physical work, including welding and construction, in comparison to females. Women are also more likely to participate in eye-injury sports like wrestling, than men. The research shows women are more likely to wear eye protection for similar events in comparison to men.

The AAO has found that 78% of the people suffering from eye injuries did not wear protective gear or eyewear. Corneal scrapes as well as chemical burns and other foreign objects found in the eyes are all instances of eye injury.

One of the ways that women and men differ in their eyesight health is that men tend to be more likely to brazen it out when anything goes wrong instead of seeking help from an eye specialist. Men are advised to overcome their false machismo