Inground Plaster Pool Upgrade – Shopping Video

The process of renovating a pool

Take out all of the water and then begin to take off the old tiles and tear them down. Rent the pneumatic hammer, or you can use your typical hammer and an axe to take these tiles off. Take off glue (or scratch layer) which was used to secure the tiles to the swimming pool’s walls. It is easy to put in new tiles.

When you have installed new tiles, employ a pressure washer wash the pool. Cleaning is essential because it helps eliminate loose paint, dirt, dust, grime, and mud from the pool. Apply a bond coat attach new coatings for swimming pools to the existing plaster finishes. Apply the coating by using a sprayer, brush, or rollers.

The concrete mixer mix the pebbletec with cement along with the dye. You can then pump the mixture onto the surface of your swimming pool at high pressure using a hose pipe. In order to fine-level the mixture and improve its volume, it is possible to twirl the mix. For the removal of stains and microorganisms like algae, acid wash the surface of your pool. Finish your pool remodel by washing the pool with water . Water can remove the acid that would etch the plaster. wdnklrkttl.