Installing a Small Solar Panel DIY –

If you’re thinking of installing the power of solar panels for your home , but don’t need to hire a professional residential installer, This Old House on YouTube describes how to install solar panels yourself.

Before starting your project with the construction, you could need consider asking an experienced electrician to stand on the roof and supervise. If you’re thinking about the various electrical components that you’ll require in the future, it’s probably a good idea to consider the possibility that some state legislation may require it.

If a qualified electrician is present with you and you’re both secured with tethers, you’ll be required to apply roofing shingles in the places of your roof you want secured from elements. Although the panels are extremely large and part of the “roof-integrated solar system,” it’s not guaranteed that every square inch (even with a massive 360W panels!) Your roof will be covered.

They can be installed with ease if can manage to keep your patience, time and care. Six panels produce 2.16 KW (Kilowatts) in average. Be sure to stay safe when you work on your project. In the case of where you live, some of your panels may even provide electricity for your community. t23a2evhu1.