Installing Vinyl Siding – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

is a popular, affordable selection that’s affordable, popular. Most homeowners and construction companies choose vinyl siding because it’s durable, durable, inexpensive and relatively effortless to maintain and install. The video below provides tips for installing vinyl siding.

Beginning with the fascia, work your way towards the edge of the fascia. The channel conceals the cut edges between the fascia and soffit. Nail slots can be found across all siding components and the soffit. For expansion, nail the slot centers. Be careful not to nail items too tightly. Because the soffit pieces come in 12-foot lengths you’ll need make each cut according to the span. When the corner diagonal pieces set, you can cut the remaining lengths of the soffit material 1/8-inch shorter than the span, and press in the channel. Once the soffit has been installed take the gutter off and place the preformed lengths fascia covering under an apron for the gutter. Apply pre-painted, or 4-D galvanized nails to join to the fascia’s top section. Avoid going overboard. One nail per foot is enough. jg22uzpsk4.