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Fresh cilantro and jalapenos picked up must be added to the bowl along with the crushed pepper. Set the grill on medium high and then place four-ounce pre-cut patties, and season them with salt garlic, pepper and other spice blends. Grill for around four minutes . Top with onions that have been caramelized over three minutes.

Toast the buns before brushing them with butter. Grill for approximately one minute. Take a tablespoon of the Aioli to rub the inside of the bun and top the burger with a lime wedge and skewer.

Zuppa Toscana

Enjoy this meal by following a couple of simple steps for soup lovers. The bacon is cooked in a large, oven on medium-high heat and occasionally stir until it’s crispy. Transfer the bacon onto the plate covered with paper towels to drain excess oil. The bacon slices should be cooked until golden brown. Add Italian sausages. After that, transfer them onto the towel-lined plate.

Incorporate the garlic, potatoes and onions into the saucepan and cook, stirring every now and then, until tender. Add salt, and black pepper. Make the broth heat. Turn down the heat to low and cook the potatoes until they’re soft. Finally, you can add the kale, bacon, sausage, and heavy cream for another five minutes. Serve with a dash of vinegar.

Skillet Brownies

To end your dinner party with style, bake one of his recipes for restaurant food brownies. First, you must heat the oven to around 350 degrees. Four ounces of unsweetened chocolate chips and four tablespoons butter are placed in a container.

Incorporate vanilla, sugar and eggs into the coffee mixture. Stir again. Cool the mix to ambient temperature. Then, add another 1/4 cup of flour baking powder, salt and flour to another bowl.

Incorporate the remaining chocolate chips, along with 1 tablespoon flour to the batter. With a three-and-a-half-inch cast iron skillet, place them on a sheet pan. This amazing re-heating is possible regardless of whether your cooking appliance is propane gas or electric cooking.