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It’s not recommended to set up hardwood floors in areas that have high traffic, for example, entryways or kitchens. The third rule is any room that has many pieces of debris or dirt, like garages and workshops is not suitable for flooring made of hardwood. Do not install hardwood flooring in areas with extreme temperatures like attics or basements.
Engineered wood

Engineered wood is another type of wood flooring that it is possible to put in. Engineered lumber is made of a mixture of real and synthetic substances. It’s much more durable and sturdy than solid wood that is traditionally used. It is an excellent choice for spaces inside your house where you will be exposed to many visitors. It is easy to put together, making it the perfect choice for DIY-ers.

Engineered Wood Construction

The process of building engineered wood requires manufactured wood products that are engineered rather than traditional lumber. Engineered wood is made from wood fibers that have been transformed into beams and boards. It offers many benefits when compared to traditional construction methods which include a lower environmental footprint, design flexibility, and enhanced strength and durability.

Install wood that is Engineered

The installation of engineered lumber is in which engineered wood products are fitted into the structure. These wood products are produced and processed in order to satisfy the specific requirements of structural performance and requirements. Installing engineered wood is an intricate procedure that requires the usage specific equipment and techniques. Following this during the installation procedure is vital to making sure the strength and stability of the final product.

Engineered Wood is composed of multiple layers of wood , which are bonded together with adhesives. The procedure for installation starts by covering the lower layer of wood, referred to by the name of subfloor. The subfloor is covered by an underlayment that helps in levelling the surface.