What Can Be Done For Flatfoot Reconstruction? – UNM Continuing Education

et is a serious issue and does cause problems with the back and legs. This can lead to an immense amount of pain too. There are other options in addition to surgery to make sure you’re feeling much better in all aspects related to your flat feet. Shoe inserts are the first and easiest method to deal with flat feet. These inserts can shape your foot and support your arch, while you’re wearing shoes. This will reduce strain and increase overall health.
Bracing your ankle is another option. One of the problems associated with flat feet is weak ankles . bracing the ankle can provide support for the foot as well as could help in supporting the back as well. Flatfoot reconstruction is an option if you have exhausted all other possibilities. It’s a surgical procedure that will reposition your heel bone as well as to restore the arch, so that you feel lower pain and discomfort and so that you have less issues in general. There is also the option of a tendon transfer with the heel shift , which will help rebuild the tendon which does not work. An experienced podiatrist or surgeon can help you to figure out your options. mhydy8h2hg.