What Happens During an Ear Examination – Free Health Videos

Otolaryngologists are doctors who specialize in the exam of the ears. However, your general physician may offer an examination during your visit.

What ever the doctor, you can expect that they will use an otoscope for the ear of your. The doctor will gently pull on your earlobes to insert the scope. What can doctors look for? The ears are very sensitive, and could become infected. Doctors can look for swelling, obstruction, or other indications that the problem could be asymptomatic. For example, ear wax could build up and not be able to completely drain from the ear.

Doctors can also check your hearing with a tuning tool and other devices. Certain people might have trouble hearing. If you suspect that your hearing is compromised It is important to get it checked out. Hearing is vital. In addition the ears are extremely sensitive and a variety of ailments can arise. The regular visits to the otolaryngologist along with a conversation with your doctor of family can assist you in identifying the signs, address, and prevent the ear or hearing issues.