What Is the Difference Between Psychologists and Psychiatrists? – EDUCATION WEBSITE

trists in the same way. These are distinct careers that although similar, significantly different. The video below provides a quick description of the distinctions between psychologists and psychiatrists.

If they’re a psychologist, they do not need the credentials to become doctors. The field of psychology is studying the human mind and behavior. While it does include numerous applications for example, but not only, psychological evaluation the psychologists do not have to have a medical degree.

Medical doctors are psychiatrists. In order to be a psychiatrist, one needs to have pursued and achieved the title Doctor of Medicine — an M.D. The medical field of psychiatry could be described as a sub-specialization. The psychiatrists are trained to psychologically evaluate, perform the treatment of psychiatric patients, and prescribe medication. A doctor’s certificate is necessary for psychiatrists.

Though psychiatrists and psychologists operate within similar fields but they’re not exactly identical. There are many ways that a person could become a psychologist yet there’s only one manner the term psychiatrist refers to a psychiatrist.

For a better understanding of the ways in which psychology and psychiatry can be different, watch this short video.