3 Advantages of having RSS feed for website

RSS which stands for Rich Site Summary is a format used by websites to be able to update and publish contents frequently. In the past RSS feed for websites are thus commonly used by sites that have regular contents that are updated or published, such as newspaper sites and news channels and blogs. However, almost all sites today are constantly updated. Updates are necessary to be able to constantly communicate with the users and to be able to have higher search engine ranking. It is therefore necessary for sites to have RSS feed for website. Specifically, here are three advantages to having RSS feed for website.

First, RSS feeds for website is free advertisements for any websites. RSS feed for websites gives any website the chance to use the feed to communicate what they want to communicate to users for free since users voluntarily subscribe to the RSS for website feeds. In other words, whereas many marketing initiatives cost a lot of money to launch, with RSS feed for website, there is no need for the site to actually spend anything to advertise the site.

Second, RSS feeds for websites is an effective marketing tool. Compared to other online marketing initiatives, RSS feed for websites is more effective because users are not forced into getting the content from the website or the publisher. This is very different from other marketing initiatives, such as online emails. Most emails are not read by the users and are labeled and reported as spam. Although a certain percentage of users will follow through with the email and will not report it as a spam, this is nothing compared to RSS feed for website. In RSS feed for website, all the users or subscribers will read the content or the feed. They also do not feel any negative feelings toward the feed, unlike when they received emails or spams. All in all therefore, RSS feed for website is more effective because the users voluntarily subscribed and eagerly awaits the latest content or feed.

Third, RSS for websites gives websites or publishers the chance to fully engage the users and make them be loyal to the product or service the site is offering. What websites must remember is that with RSS feeds, they can actually engage the users in a more personal manner. With the right content, they can actually make a subscriber into a loyal customer. The transition to mere subscriber to loyal customer can be achieved with the right content. For example, if the site is selling health supplements, the site can start with really great articles on health. Visitors to the site will be encouraged to subscribe to the feed. Now using the feed, the site can now give further information to the subscriber about the benefits of the health supplement and why they are better than others in the market. With proper content, the visitor will now be a loyal customer.