Why Should Your Site Care About RSS Feeds?

Why should you care about RSS for websites? What does an RSS feed for websites have to do with your company? What difference will RSS feeds for websites make in your business? Ultimately, what is the benefit of RSS for websites?

While RSS feeds have actually been around since the late 90s, they are just now growing in popularity and being used more regularly. With the current generation of internet user looking specifically for something that will make their life easier and quicker, they are just now latching onto RSS for that purpose.

Because RSS has flown under the radar for so long, you may not even know what RSS is. An RSS feed is a link that is collected by an RSS reader. Any website can offer an RSS feed. The feed, delivered live to an RSS reader, is constantly updated as the host site is updated. The biggest advantage to this is that it allows you access dozens of feeds, all with the most up to date content, all from a single source.

This saves time for the reader, as they do not need to bounce all over the internet in order to get updates for their favorite sites. They do not need to waste time opening dozens of pages and waiting for them all to load. And it is an even bigger waste of time if the site has not put anything new up. They only need to open their single RSS reader and access all of the newest, updated content right from there.

This makes RSS for websites great for your business for a few reasons. First of all, a company with a regularly updated blog can boast more traffic, both new and return, than a company website without a blog. So this allows your blog to be accessed more easily by your readers. And as the trend continues to grow, people may be going to websites less, and relying just on their RSS readers more. You do not want to be one of the sites sacrificed in that transition by not having an RSS feed for your viewers to subscribe to.

In order to stay on top of trends, and not be left behind when things change on the internet, an RSS feed for your website is going to play a crucial role. There is only so long you can survive without embracing what the rest of the internet traffic is collectively leaning towards. Do your business a favor, look into making engaging and effective RSS content to get your viewers excited about your new RSS presence.